"Buy with confidence. We will look after your needs"

Unlike other delica dealers and importers out there, we sell fully serviced Delica.

They are at least 15 year old (20 year old if you prefer 1st generation L400s) used cars
that the previous owners decided to sell
mainly because they couldn't handle the repair cost in Japan.

The same logic applies to the Delica for sale here in Canada by private individuals.
You will be surprised to know how many have cracked cylinder heads, especially L300s.

That is why we focus more on maintenance and services, rather than detailing and cleaning.

We have seen many unfortunate customers who bought non-serviced Delica, Pajero
or even Challenger in need of major repair such as cylinder head or transmission replacement.

 Although there is nothing wrong with buying a non-serviced Delica or Pajero,
most people often neglect getting the necessary maintenance done after the purchase.
People seem to think that just because their cars are drivable, there is nothing to repair.

Combined with the vast amount of new and used parts in stock,
repairs are done efficiently and affordably.
For example, if you need your engine or transmission swapped,
we can start working right away because we have them in stock.

This is what we do everyday.

We specialize in Delica and Pajero!

To make a reservation on maintenance of your vehicle,
call us 778-995-2459,
or E-mail us at RHD.vancouver@gmail.com


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